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Dealership Tracking gives you the Ability to Protect You, Your Loved Ones, and Your Assets 24/7/365.

Dealership Tracking offers a variety of solutions across multiple industries depending on your needs:

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Concierge Services
  • Driver Habits
  • Geofence Alerts
  • Tow Potential Theft Alerts
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Vehicle Locate On Demand

Dealership Tracking is used daily by thousands of people nationwide. That is why it continues to be the #1 System of Choice by Individuals for Family Safety, Security, & Asset Protection.

Dealership Tracking Products Coverage Map Comparison

Dealership Tracking Products have achieved dramatic advancement over the traditional ground based tracking systems, which rely on specially equipped police cars and towers to randomly search regional areas for a radio signal from a stolen vehicle. Instead, with our Dealership Tracking Devices you can expect Full North American Coverage.

GPS Tracking Wherever and Whenever You Need It…

Mobile Devices

Mobile Web Enabled Devices

From any mobile web enabled device you are able to login and access your account. Here you will be able to enjoy the features and benefits of your Stolen Vehicle Recovery + Family Safety System. Just like your desktop, you are able to gain access to real-time vehicle tracking information along with the vehicle’s Historical Reporting and Alerts.

Apple iOS App

iPhone & iPad Mobile App

Apple users can now access our vehicle tracking system through their iPhone or iPad. Here you can access reports, create alerts, view driver’s habit information, locate on demand, plus much more. You are able to do all this from the palm of your hand using our Dealership Tracking by Nimbo mobile app.